Friday, 23 March 2012

Ohhh its good!


I started running this week with Kristy, a former coworker and friend.  Kristy helped relax me during my first run, the Quidi Vidi 5K!  We are running 5K four times each week for two weeks.  Week #1 is complete and it was great, minus the cccccccold weather.  After some more layers and warmer clothes I was fine.


To thank a co-worker for giving me a coffee mug, and to thank my boyfriend for the delicious supper he made, I decided to bake cookies.  Nothing healthy about these unless you think about the benefits of cocoa!  I didn't have any butter or margarine so I used shortening.  They turned out great and everyone loved them!

And here is a link to the yummmmmmy dinner Lee cooked:

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